How to Growth Hack Your Book

The goal was to make my new book, 2046, an Amazon best seller just based on pre-orders, and here’s how it’s been going so far.

Some backstory

If you’ve followed me, or read any of my Medium posts, you know that up until recently I had an agent for the book projects I’ve been working on. We decided to go our separate ways, and I thought to myself, as a marketer, why couldn’t I market my own book? As long as the content was good, would it be possible to take a piece of content, and create virality around it to become a best seller?

The book

It’s called 2046, and it’s a science fiction thriller that involves time travel and government interference. A much more elaborate description is here:


I knew nothing about self publishing, so I Googled it all. All of it, and believe me, there’s a lot….over 9 million results in fact.

When I opened the gates for pre-order

I felt a huge sigh of relief. Four months of writing (even more if you count this was my third book in two yeasrs) and I was finally going to see how well my little book would do in the world.

  • Instagram (one of the largest author platforms, it’s one of the best places to generate buzz via hashtags and pictures about your work)
  • Twitter (I have a decent following, so using hashtags and Tweeting vigorously, I made some decent dents)
  • DMs (I reached out personally to close friends, followers and influencers in the writing space)
  • LinkedIn (Lots of support here from friends, former colleagues and second connections interested in the whole Children’s Best Selling book thing)
  • ProductHunt (posted in the science books section, tried to build buzz and upvotes in the PH community, cross posting on Twitter)
  • Ads (At a small scale, running Twitter and Facebook ads based on interests and demographics)

The results….so far

In the first 48 hours, I’ve built up enough buzz and pre-orders to get my book to:

Want to help?

Go grab a copy and get me to #1. I’ll be forever in your debt ❤

Product Marketing at LinkedIn. Ex Twitter, Notarize, Voysis (acquired by Apple), Boston Globe. Alum: HKS, NYU, UMass Lowell. Runs on ☕️ and Celtics 🏀